Timetable week beginning 27th January

Thanks for bearing with me while I have been ill. Thank you too to my cover teachers Karen and Henry.  I will be teaching all classes next week apart from Zumba. Strict instructions from my doctor not to do anything too vigorous yet.


New Job

I have had to reduce my timetable  as I have been offered a part-time salaried post with Age Concern which I am really excited about. It is related to my previous job before  I trained as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. Fortunately the post is flexible hours and I can keep my morning classes going and Thursday evening. It has been difficult to make the decision to reduce my classes as so many of you in those classes have become friends.
Eccleston and Coppull classes Eccleston classes have finished and Coppull will not be starting again for now. Thank you to those people who came.


60+ Circuits Wednesdays 11.30am Prospect House, Sandy Lane, Leyland PR25 2EE

This class has been started as a gentle older persons circuit class. It is ideal for people who do not want to go to a dance based class. It came about when I was contacted by the NHS Healthy Lifestyle Team as I am GP Referral trained instructor. They wanted a class for their participants to graduate onto after they had done the Healthy Lifestyle Programme. It currently starts at 11.45am on Wednesday mornings. If you are new please come at 11.30am. From Wednesday 5th February it will start at 11.30am
Fitness Fusion with Interval Training FFIT is starting again next week This is an extremely effective way to get fit and lose body fat. You have a take home worksheet so you can do 10 minute workouts between classes. The price is now £3 if you come to Zumba after or £4 if you attend only the  FFIT class.
Timetable Week beginning 27th of January

Monday 9.30am     Zumba and tone       Wellington Park, Church Road, Leyland              10.30am   Pilates               11.30am  Forever Fitness 55+
Wednesday 9.30am      Zumba               Prospect House, Sandy Lane, Leyland                     10.30am    Pilates                     11.45am   60+ Circuits
Thursday      6pm  Fitness Fusion with Interval Training FFIT Prospect House                      6.30pm Zumba                      7.30pm Pilates
Friday    9.30am Zumba and tone Euxton Community Centre Wigan Road               10.30am Pilates                11.30am  Forever Fitness 55+





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