April News

Hello everyone,
It is so lovely to have lighter evenings and feel like summer is on its way. Nordic Walking in Worden park has been wonderful for seeing the spring flowers and now the blossom. I am starting to plan an evening Nordic Walking class for those who are at work during the day and to be honest the days I don’t get out in the fresh air I really miss it! I will keep you posted.
There has been a lot in the press about how exercise reduces the risk of Dementia. That is fantastic news for us! Here is one of the newspaper articles : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/10964854/One-hour-of-exercise-a-week-can-halve-dementia-risk.html.

Parking at Prospect House on 25th April.
The wonderful people who manage Prospect House have let me know that there will be restricted parking on April 25th due to tree work so you might be advised to park elsewhere that day as I am not sure how much parking there will be.

Next Nordic Walking Learn To at Astley Park
We have few places left tomorrow https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/75871-Learn%20To%20Nordic%20Walk%20Astley%20Park

Living with Relapsing Remitting MS
I have had my relapses around Easter time in the past so when I got past Easter this year I breathed a small sigh of relief. MS is rather unpredictable so I am not assuming another relapse will not hit me in the future but for now I am enjoying the very simple pleasures of being able to walk in the park, dance in Zumba or stand on one leg. Each time these things feel fantastic! I have the honour of teaching a Seated Pilates session for Chorley and Leyland MS Society now. I am seeing the very hard challenges other people with more severe MS are dealing with. .

Love to everyone