Christmas Holiday Dates and Zumba Gold

Hello everyone

Christmas is coming!! It always takes me by surprise and yet it happens every year.

Christmas Lunch
The tickets are available for the Christmas Lunch  Tuesday 11 December (arrival 12 noon) at Wellington Park. If everyone could buy their tickets by next Wednesday so we can have the numbers that would be great. The tickets are £18 which is for 2 course meal and coffee and a raffle ticket in aid of the local MS Society. We will arrange an evening get together for people who can’t make the daytime class.

Christmas Holiday Dates
The last class of 2018 is Tuesday 18 December 7.30pm Pilates at the Methodist Church Hall. We start again on Wednesday 2 January 2019 with Zumba..

Zumba Gold
I am so excited to be introducing Zumba Gold into the timetable from January 2019. This will be a lower intensity, less strenuous Zumba class with all your favourite Zumba moves designed for the older active adult. There will be more balance and strength work than a regular Zumba class. I am very lucky to be taking over the lovely Hannah Eckersley’s class in Chorley on Tuesdays. Hannah is having her baby in February so will stop teaching for now. There will be a completely new class on Thursdays at 1.30pm at Leyland Methodist Church Hall

Zumba Gold Dates
From Tuesday 8 January 2019 2.30pm Eaves Green Community Centre, Eaves Green Road Chorley PR7 3QG
From Thursday 10 January 2019 1.30pm Leyland Methodist Church Hall, Turpin Green Lane, Leyland PR253HA
£4 per class from January

Keep dancing!

Fresh Air Fit
Fresh Air Fit at Worden Park on the Folly Café  lawn) has finished now until Spring. Thank you Paula and Lisa for giving us that lovely outdoor space to use.

Barre Pilates
This is a great alternative to mat based Pilates. I will announce the start date soon.

Nordic Walking
Tuesday group has changed to 11.30am. There will be no group on the 11 December because of the Christmas Lunch. All Nordic Walking finishes on Tuesday 18th December and starts again Wednesday 2 January with the Cuerden Valley walk at 4pm. To check dates go to

See you soon.


Christmas Lunch, plans for 2019, new time Tuesday Nordic Walking

Hello everyone,

Christmas is coming! The tickets are available for the Christmas Lunch  Tuesday 11 December (arrival 12 noon) at Wellington Park now. The tickets are £18 which is for 2 course meal and coffee and a raffle ticket in aid of the local MS Society. We will arrange an evening get together for people who can’t make the daytime lunch.

Barre Pilates
I went away to Leeds last weekend to do a course in Barre Pilates. This is a standing form of Pilates using a ballet Barre to help with balance. It is fabulous for strengthening the gluteal muscles (  the ones in the bottom) and I  also had in mind people with knee issues who can’t really kneel. It will be starting in the new year. More details to follow.


Arthritis has become a big issue in our house as my husband has arthritis really badly in his hips. This is meant working as a gardener has become increasingly difficult. Exercise is known to have benefits for people with arthritis however, many people with arthritis do not exercise, often because of joint or muscle pain, weakness, fatigue, or joint swelling. This can lead to loss of joint motion, stiffness, and muscle weakness and tightness. These problems can worsen fatigue and can cause joints to become unstable.

However, exercise can decrease pain and can enhance quality of life. Exercise is most beneficial if it is done on a regular basis. Most people can find a way to exercise without increasing their symptoms. It is really important to find the right kind of exercise. So may husband no longer runs (too painful) but he cycles and does strength exercises. Chair based classes are great for strengthening the muscles around the affect joins, improving flexibility and balance.


Stick with it — A number of factors can improve the chances of sticking with an exercise program long-term including:

Find the right exercise- eg Nordic  Walking rather than jogging

Setting attainable goals eg 3 x 10 sit to stands per day

Understanding the importance and benefits of exercise

Exercise in groups for the social interaction and banter

Exercise can be broken up into three or four 10-minute sessions per day; it does not need to be continuous to produce health benefits. Moderate intensity exercise is most effective if it is performed on most days of the week. However, exercising only one or two days per week is better than not exercising at all.

Benefits of exercise include decreased pain and increased strength, mobility, and fitness, leading to an improved ability to perform daily functions. Exercise can also help to reduce depression and anxiety in people with arthritis .

Tuesday Nordic Walking
This group is going to change to 11.30am on 27 November.



Back to normal timetable, Christmas Do and next Nordic Walking Learn To courses

Hello everyone,

I had an amazing time in Turkey and came back feeling well. There is a joy in feeling well. Over the last few years I have had to battle on a daily basis with MS symptoms of left side impairment or extreme fatigue and indeed horrendous depression. To feel well is wonderful. The picture below is me Rebounding. I couldn’t do this last time I went to Turkey as MS had stolen my balance and it was impossible to jump up and down on the mini-trampoline without falling off. A wonderful sign of recovery from the last relapse.
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sky, outdoor and nature
Thank you to my team of cover instructors – Fiona, Catherine, Jen Luisa and Ann. It is great for you to have a change and see different styles of teaching. All classes back to normal now until our Christmas break. In the new year I will be introducing Zumba Gold which is a slower Zumba on a Thursday afternoon along with a couple more additions to the programme.

Christmas Do
We will be having our Christmas lunch on Tuesday 11th December. The cost is £18 including a raffle ticket. We will be having it at Wellington Park again as it was lovely last year. It will be a main course and a pudding and a coffee. I will let you know when the tickets are available. I will organise something for the evening nearer to Christmas for those who are not available during the day.

Learn To Nordic Walk – outdoor cardiovascular exercise.
Our next Nordic Walking Learn To courses are starting next week. I am introducing a Wellbeing Nordic Walking for people who need to go more slowly or a shorter distance on Thursday 18th October at 3.30pm on Worden Park. There will be an intensive Learn to Programme on Saturday 20th at 11.30am for those who can comfortably walk 3 miles at a good pace. To book on either send me an email or go to

See you soon

Up the mountain again, time off in October, Tuesday night Pilates back at the Methodist and another fitness test

Hello everyone,

I am going back to Juicy Mountain in Turkey. This is a retreat which has had miraculous effects on my health. I got frightened a few weeks ago as I started to experience more severe MS symptoms again so I decided to go back to the place that really helped me last year. I will be sleeping in a tent on a mountain in a forest and we live off amazing nutritious juices all week. Here is a video that I saw when I was really ill with MS in 2016 and it started my journey to better health. Jason Vale is showing you the Portuguese retreat but I go to the one in Turkey which is more rustic (i.e. not as posh!) Jason Vale documentary

I have tried hard to not give you too much time off but here are the changes in October:
No classes from Tuesday evening 2 October (Nordic Walking is on during the day) until start again on Saturday 6 October EXCEPT for Starter Circuits at 11.30am Wednesday Prospect House which will be run by the guest instructor Fiona.

Monday classes normal – no time off
Tuesday afternoon Nordic Walking normal – no time off
Tuesday evening Pilates – no classes 2 October
Wednesday classes – no classes on Wednesday 3 October – except for Starter Circuits which is normal. No time off for Wednesday Starter Circuits!!
Thursday – no classes Thursday 4 October.
Friday classes – no classes Friday 5 October.
Saturday classes normal – no time off.
No Wednesday 4pm Nordic Walking 26 September and 3 October
No Thursday 6pm Nordic Walking 27 September and 4 October
No Friday 11.30am Chairfit 28 Sept and 5 October

We are back at the Methodist Church Hall for Tuesday night Pilates.
All back to normal from Tuesday 18 September.

Sit to Rise Test- is it a good test?
In class we have talked about the test that appeared on the BBC programme How to Stay Young. I have an issue with this as I don’t think it takes into account anyone with knee and hip joint issues. Please do not try this if you have a new hip or knee or any problems in those joints. However if you don’t have it is a great one to try.
To get another perspective please have a look at the following especially if you do have any knee or hip issues. If you have new knees there is good advice on how to get down on the floor and up again. (Something we were talking about especially in Friday afternoon Circuits- Sandra, Carole and Margaret)
See you soon


Change of venue Tuesday night Pilates to St Andrews Church Hall for 3 weeks- see upcoming events

Hello everyone,

We had a lovely holiday on the Llyn Peninsula. We swam in the sea as much as we could – really beautiful! But I really missed my classes so can’t wait to get started again.

Change of venue Tuesday night Pilates for 3 weeks
Please note Tuesday night Pilates will be at St Andrews Church Hall, Worden Lane on 28 August, 4 and 11 September due to the theatre production Wind in the Willows. Daytime classes normal at the Methodist Church Hall.

Quick Fitness Test for you to try
You will see why I always use squats in class- here is a great little video clip.

For Nordic Walking timetable go to

See you soon