Timetable week beginning 27th January

Thanks for bearing with me while I have been ill. Thank you too to my cover teachers Karen and Henry.  I will be teaching all classes next week apart from Zumba. Strict instructions from my doctor not to do anything too vigorous yet.


New Job

I have had to reduce my timetable  as I have been offered a part-time salaried post with Age Concern which I am really excited about. It is related to my previous job before  I trained as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. Fortunately the post is flexible hours and I can keep my morning classes going and Thursday evening. It has been difficult to make the decision to reduce my classes as so many of you in those classes have become friends.
Eccleston and Coppull classes Eccleston classes have finished and Coppull will not be starting again for now. Thank you to those people who came.


60+ Circuits Wednesdays 11.30am Prospect House, Sandy Lane, Leyland PR25 2EE

This class has been started as a gentle older persons circuit class. It is ideal for people who do not want to go to a dance based class. It came about when I was contacted by the NHS Healthy Lifestyle Team as I am GP Referral trained instructor. They wanted a class for their participants to graduate onto after they had done the Healthy Lifestyle Programme. It currently starts at 11.45am on Wednesday mornings. If you are new please come at 11.30am. From Wednesday 5th February it will start at 11.30am
Fitness Fusion with Interval Training FFIT is starting again next week This is an extremely effective way to get fit and lose body fat. You have a take home worksheet so you can do 10 minute workouts between classes. The price is now £3 if you come to Zumba after or £4 if you attend only the  FFIT class.
Timetable Week beginning 27th of January

Monday 9.30am     Zumba and tone       Wellington Park, Church Road, Leyland              10.30am   Pilates               11.30am  Forever Fitness 55+
Wednesday 9.30am      Zumba               Prospect House, Sandy Lane, Leyland                     10.30am    Pilates                     11.45am   60+ Circuits
Thursday      6pm  Fitness Fusion with Interval Training FFIT Prospect House                      6.30pm Zumba                      7.30pm Pilates
Friday    9.30am Zumba and tone Euxton Community Centre Wigan Road               10.30am Pilates                11.30am  Forever Fitness 55+





We are back- week beginning 20th of January

Well I can safely say that is the worst bout of flu I have ever had. I know I didn’t help myself by going back to work in that condition. Starting to feel a bit better- phew!
Euxton evening classes finishing The sad news is  I will have to change my working pattern and the biggest change is  that  I am finishing working Monday evenings in Euxton at the C of E School. This is a very difficult to do as I  many of you are good friends. Thank you everyone for coming to classes. I hope that some of you can come to Thursdays Zumba 6.30pm or Pilates at 7.30pm at Prospect House, Sandy Lane, Leyland  or I will arrange a big get together event like we did for my birthday last year. Sadly there will be no more Euxton evening classes they have finished now.
Timetable week beginning 20th of January

Monday @ Wellington Park, Church Road, Leyland

9.30 Zumba and Tone      10.30am Pilates          11,30  Forever Fitness 55+


Wednesday@Prospect House, Sandy Lane, Leyland

9.30 Zumba      10.30am Pilates

Wednesday@ St. Agnes Eccleston

1.15pm Forever Fitness55+      NO Zumba 

Thursday@ Prospect House, Sandy Lane, Leyland

6.30pm Zumba    7.30pm Pilates     NO Fitness Fusion


Friday@ Euxton Community Centre

9.30 Zumba and Tone      10.30am Pilates          11,30  Forever Fitness 55+




There may be other teachers covering until I am 100% fit.








Came back to classes too early! No classes week beginning 13th of January

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry but I came back to work too early with the aftermath of flu and a chest infection. Now I really feel ill!  I have decided to not teach classes week beginning 13th of January to try and recover properly. I will be in touch soon to let you know how the rehab is going.
Lots of love to you all.
x Diane

New Start date evening classes- 13th January. Day time normal

Hi everyone,
No evening classes next week I am really sorry but my flu became a chest infection so I am delaying  the start of evening classes for one week to give myself a bit more recovery time. The doctor has told me I must allow my body to recover. I know you are all raring to go.
Evening classes new start date January 13th
Daytime classes on as normal Day time classes everything will be very  gentle next week. Coppull 55+ I will be in touch about the start date but it won’t be next week.

Back to bed with me. I am wearing out my pyjamas!

Happy New Year! Tomorrow’s White Coppice Walk. Classes start again Monday 6th of January

Happy New Year!

Here’s wishing you all a fabulous 2014. And a very big thank you for coming to my classes in 2013. It was the year I began to work totally for myself. I made a decision to run all my own classes. It has been a challenge and a bit scary. Some of you know I have worked for gyms and leisure centres . I launched Zumba for Leyland Leisure Centre, FX, Virgin and All Seasons Leisure Centre and taught Aqua, Pilates and Return to Fitness classes for them too. I loved it but I was being drawn to work independently. The learning curve has been steep -being self-employed in the fitness industry after previously working in Higher Education or being employed  was new to me. Sometimes it has been hard but what keeps me going is the lovely people I meet in my classes.
A big highlight of 2013 was the charity fundraising event for my 50th -we raised £700 for Derian House and the Ross Tomlinson Tribute Fund. It meant so much to me as Ross passed away the previous year. He played football in my son’s team every Sunday for years. Thank you everyone for that.
White Coppice Walk Tomorrow Friday 2pm We will meet at the Cricket Ground. Please wear walking boots or wellies as it is quite muddy underfoot in places. Bring friends and family for fresh air and a chat.

Monday 6th January We are back in action – normal timetable

http://www.dofitness.org/timetable-2/  and http://www.dofitness.org/calendar/

Important! Coppull Forever Fitness 55+ is changing to Thursday afternoon at 3.15pm at Coppull Spendmore Lane Methodist.

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a good Christmas! Mine was spent in my pyjamas with flu! I was really looking forward to seeing relatives and going to a few gatherings but couldn’t move out of my bed. I hope you avoided it!   Sorry I have had to cancel tomorrow. I was hoping I would get up this morning and feel back to normal but still feel like a wet lettuce so as I need to give you a bit of warning I am letting you know now.
All  being well our walk is on next Friday 3rd of January at 2pm in White Coppice otherwise see you all week beginning Monday 6th of January.
Have a fantastic New Year everyone!