Timetable changes from 27 September until 6th October, Nordic Walking Taster Sessions and D3

Dear lovely Do Fitness class members,

There will be a few changes to the timetable from the afternoon of 27th September until 6th October. I have found some amazing cover instructors while I am away in the mountains of Turkey on a healing retreat to help with my MS symptoms. You get a nice change from me!!

Timetable from 27 September until 6th October
Wednesday 27th September
9.30am Zumba with Diane
10.30am Pilates with Diane
11.30am Starter Circuits with Diane
(My taxi to airport at 12.45pm!!!!!)
1.30pm Seated Pilates with Cheryl – yoga version
(no Pilates at 2.15pm please attend the 10.30am class at Prospect House if possible)
Thursday 28th September
7.30pm Pilates with Tracy
Friday 29 September
9.30am Zumba with Ann
10.30am Pilates with Sarah
(no Chairfit at 11.30am please attend 2.15pm class with Elaine at St Andrews)
1.30pm Fitness 55+ with Elaine
2.15pmSeated Pilates with Elaine
Monday 2 October
(no 50+Circuits please attend 11.30am class)
10.30am Pilates with Jen
11.30am Fitness 55+ with Ann
1.15pm Chairfit with Catherine
(no Pilates please attend 10.30am at Methodist class if possible)

Tuesday 3 October
(No Pilates at 7.30pm please attend Thursday class if possible.)

Wednesday 4 October
9.30am Zumba with Donna
10.30am Pilates with Jen
(no 60+ Circuits at 11.30am)
1.30pm Seated Pilates with Cheryl
(No Pilates at 2.15pm)
Thursday 5 October
7.30pm Pilates with Tracy
Friday 6 October
9.30am Zumba with Ann
10.30am Pilates with Sarah
(no Chairfit at 11.30am please attend 2.15pm class with Elaine at St Andrews)
1.30pm Fitness 55+1.30pm with Elaine
2.15pm Seated Pilates with Elaine

Next Nordic Walking Taster Sessions and Learn To Courses
We have just had the first group complete their Nordic Walking Learn To programme. It was great fun a people are already feeling the benefits.

The next Nordic Walking Tasters session will be on Tuesday 17 October at 2pm https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/55948-Tuesday%20Taster and Saturday 21 October at 9am https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/55953-Taster o both sessions are free. To book register with Nordic Walking UK.

The next Nordic Walking Learn To Sessions start on Tuesday 24 October at 2pm for 3 weeks https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/55951-Learn%20To%20Nordic%20Walk or Saturday 28 October at 9am https://exercise-anywhere.com/event/55952-Learn%20To%20Nordic%20Walk

As some of your know I went to a conference on active ageing organised by an organisation called Move It or Lose It. It was very interesting and I want to try to summarise some of the things that were talked about by top scientists when I come back from Turkey. Public Health England have published new guidelines as the importance of D3 is being realised. Here is the link https://www.gov.uk/government/news/phe-publishes-new-advice-on-vitamin-d   I take D3 supplements as part of my protocol to treat MS but it is looking like it is extremely beneficial for most people who live in this part of the world.


Nordic Walking taster session 26th August and pelvic floors



Dear lovely Do Fitness class members,

Pilates is at Prospect House today 10th August.
Weather forecast not brilliant for tonight so usual place today at 7.30pm

There will be no classes week beginning14th August.
Our annual summer week off is week beginning 14th August. Everything will be back to normal on Monday 21 August.

Nordic Walking Taster Sessions
Our first Nordic Walking Taster session is going to be on Saturday 26th August. One at 9.15am and the other at 10.15am. We will meet on the main car park at Worden Park. These sessions are free. Booking is essential as I provide the poles for you. Don’t worry if you can’t make this date there will be plenty more sessions. To book please go to :

Zumba Dance
Thank you to Barbara Gilman for sending me this clip of a dance we are now having a lot of fun with in Zumba!


Pelvic Floor
There was an amazing piece on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour about pelvic floor. It is t the start of the programme and well worth a listen. Our date for our session Up Tight and Outta Sight with Cherry Baker has been changed to Friday 10th November. It will be a really fun evening!