A dance a day and Monday 20 April Circuits and Pilates Zoom classes

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing ok.  I have stopped listening to the news so avidly and relaxed into this new life with my daily cycle rides lifting my spirits.
My new equipment has arrived to make Zoom classes a bit better but I do need a studio though or at least a bigger room! I need to knock a wall down to create more space to do classes (just joking)! I have been filming outdoors for the YouTube videos where there is more space to position the camera but chainsaws have been really popular in my neighbourhood for the last couple of days so it has made it really tricky to film.

YouTube Videos
All the videos are together on my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkQNb2YwdoAWWh_4gPXEYbA?view_as=subscriber
People are using them to make their own classes by combining warm ups with their favourite tracks followed by a cool down I am trying to post at least one Zumba dance a day. It is lovely to hear that people are using them.

Zoom classes Monday 20 April

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Before using  my YouTube videos or joining  a Zoom class please read info on https://dofitness.org/timetable-2