Dr Michael Mosley, class changes and living with MS

Hello everyone

The talk by Dr Michael Mosley in Manchester last month was fabulous and gave me lots to think about. He is really worth a listen on  BBC iplayer or YouTube. He reversed is own Type 2 Diabetes by the 5:2 Diet which he became famous for. What is really important here is to explain the distinction between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Type 1 can often be caused by a virus or infection which results in the insulin producing cells in the pancreas being destroyed. Type 1 requires daily injections with insulin.  It is much less common than Type 2 and usually occurs at a younger age. 
Type 2 has several causes but genetics and lifestyle are the most important ones and becoming more active and reviewing your diet can make all the difference. Yes you can reverse Type 2 Diabetes and keep yourself well!

Important changes on 6 and 7 March – one week only
No morning Zumba and morning Pilates on Wednesday 6 March. I am sorry our lovely Donna is not free to cover Zumba that day and I can’t get cover for Pilates. Starter Circuits at 11.30am is on as usual though as Fiona has kindly volunteered to cover. Thank you Fiona. I have an MS related appointment which can’t be changed. Afternoon classes are on as usual.
No Wellbeing Nordic Walking at 3.30pm 7 March

New Prices for Zumba Wednesday and Fridays morning from April
Due to the cost of the music licence which is in the 100s of pounds the cost of Zumba is going to be £5 per session however there is a new ’12 for 10 book’ of tickets coming soon where the cost goes down to £4.16 per session. I will let you know when the tickets are ready. Zumba Gold is staying at £4.

Tempo/ Spice Time Credits
I work in partnership with Tempo/Spice Time Credits. If you receive time credits for volunteer work you can use the credits for 1 class per calendar month. This reduces the cost of your classes in return for some wonderful volunteer work you do. Check with your volunteer organisation if they are part of the scheme.

Living with Relapsing Remitting MS and thankyou for your support.
This disease is so unpredictable!  And remember everyone’s MS is different. I can have a couple of weeks where I few almost ‘normal’ then symptoms come back with a vengeance. The most obvious symptom is a limp because my left side is affected. My left hand doesn’t work properly and it is hard to balance. It is like the numbness you feel when you go to the dentist and have the injection in you mouth but mine is down the whole of my left side. To be honest that is for me the easiest part to deal with. Much, much harder is the way MS affects my brain which is  severe depression and cognition issues. Fatigue is also an issue so I rest twice a day with deep relaxation practice. There are other symptoms which I won’t go into. I call these ‘dips’-  a major relapse would be entirely different and I have been hospitalised in the past due to them. Thank you so much for supporting me through the ups and downs of this and for my cover teachers who step in often at the last minute. I am following the Overcoming MS  protocol and I have been invited by the UK CEO to listen the founder Professor Joseph Jelinek speak at  a conference in June in Edinburgh. This protocol includes daily exercise so my job is the best job I could have!!

Zumba Gold Tuesdays Chorley and Thursdays Leyland
Zumba Gold is a fantastic mood lifter apart from being really good for your cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength and balance. Zumba Gold is designed for active older adults. It is so much fun  and you don’t realise you are exercising.
Tuesdays1.30pm Eaves Green Community Centre, Eaves Green Road Chorley PR7 3QG
Thursdays 1.30pm Leyland Methodist Church Hall, Turpin Green Lane, Leyland PR253HA
Keep dancing!

Friday Chairfit has moved to Thursdays 2.15pm at Leyland Methodist Church Hall, Turpin Green Lane, Leyland PR253HA. This is such a good class for strength, cardiovascular fitness and balance. Also it is great fun to dance in the chair if standing for 45 minutes is not an option due to joint or balance issues. Mondays  1.15pm Chairfit is at Prospect House 47 Sandy Lane, Leyland PR252EE

Barre Pilates 11.30am Prospect House Sandy Lane, Leyland
Barre Pilates combines basic ballet barre exercises with Pilates, conditioning moves and stretches. This class will be a standing class to avoid kneeling for anyone with knee issues.£5 per session

Zumba and Tone Evening  6.30pm Leyland Methodist Church Hall- we are back!!
After a long break from evening Zumba  classes we are  back in the evening! Zumba and Tone at 6.30pm at Leyland Methodist Church Hall, Turpin Green Lane, Leyland PR253HA. It has been great to see people who haven’t been able to come during the day because of work. £5 per session.

Nordic Walking – next Learn To Technique course
The next Learn To Technique Course is on 23 and 30 March at 11.30am. Email me or text me or follow the link below if you would like to come.
Nordic Walking is so good for our mental as well physical health. Just being outdoors in green spaces lifts our spirits. We now have walks on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays afternoon (Wellbeing) Thursday evening and Saturday mornings. The Wellbeing Walk is a slower paced walk over a shorter distance- good for people recovering from surgery for example.
To book or check dates go to www.dofitness.org/nordic-walking 

Stamps  appeal for RNIB
Thankyou to people who have brought in used stamps for Chris Taylor to send to RNIB. She has been amazed by the response and she has received a  big thankyou form RNIB for her efforts.

Look forward to seeing you soon.