Happy Easter Weekend

I hope that the weekend has been bearable despite not being able to meet friends and family.

There are some more videos ready for you on our YouTube channel including 2 seated routines, a warm-up and  a cool down with stretches. Start from Havana. There is even a guest appearance from my husband Chris!


Virtual classes
We are having the classes next week . The codes will come out through an email if you are on my mailing list or on our private Facebook page see links below. It would be lovely to see you. You can invite friends too just ask them to subscribe to my mailing list on the website www.dofitness.org and/or join our private Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1113432258991949/
to get codes and passwords.  Please read the following before attending https://dofitness.org/timetable-2. Everything is  free but some people have asked to  make donations  which you can do via the link https://dofitness.org/timetable-2 . It will  help me pay my music licences, insurance and Zumba membership so I am very grateful for as I currently have no income. Thank you.

A happy Easter cartoon if you are not on Facebook:

Lots of love
Diane, Eleni and Chris.