Happy New Year!

Hello everyone

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2020! Well I have missed you over the last couple of weeks but it has given me time to catch up with myself and to spend time with family. When I have time off  it makes me realise how amazingly beneficial regular exercise is both for mind and body so looking forward to starting classes again. Classes start again on Monday 6 January ( or Saturday 4 January for Nordic Walkers). All the classes are listed below or on my web-site www.dofitness.org under ‘Upcoming events’.

Realistic  Resolutions
This time of year people many people make New Year’s ResolutionsThe key to success is set realistic  and doable goals so you have a sense of achievement. Also if it is something you understand fully the benefits of it is easier to adhere to. For example, it might be you want to get more sleep by going to bed sooner, if you understand that it will help you maintain a healthy weight or boosts your immune system you are less tempted to stay up watching  TV programme.  Set a specific goal that you will be in bed for a certain time. With exercise it is much more doable if you really enjoy what you are doing and it has added benefits such as  socialising at the same time. 

Next Nordic Walking Technique Courses
You can either email me to tell me you are coming and pay on the day or book on line by following the links below. The cost is £20.
There are 2 options for the 2  session course. One is on Friday 10 and 17 January at 3.30pmhttps://exercise-anywhere.com/event/146159-Learn%20To%20Nordic%20Walk
or the second is on Saturday 11 and 18 Januaryhttps://exercise-anywhere.com/event/146165-Learn%20To%20Nordic%20Walk

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!