Week beginning 13 July

Hello everyone

Taking a week off 
I will be taking a week off  from 17 July – classes will start again on Saturday  25 July.  We are going on a family holiday in Wales which was booked last year. We are the first family to use the cottage since lockdown so  we are lucky to be able to go!  

Keeping my eye on the government updates and following guidance from my insurer
Although gyms can open on the 25 July – it is going to be a bit more complicated for people who hire halls like I do. I will keep you updated as soon as I know what is happening.

Nordic Walking 
Nordic Walking has been great fun and fantastic for fitness as we have been coming out of lockdown. We are still only allowed 5 participants- so I am sorry if you have been on waiting lists. I will plan some more groups when I return from my holiday.

Zumba class members
There is a great series on BBC iplayer at the moment called Huey Morgan’s Latin Music Adventure – you might enjoy watching it to find out where some of the sounds come from we use in Zumba.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/m000kjmr/huey-morgans-latin-music-adventureGymcatch for outdoor classes and social distancing
Because of the numbers are limited due to the government safety regulations I  needed a booking system which is now up and running and can be found on https://gymcatch.com/  -go to this web-site and click the red ‘book’ button on the top right hand side. Search for Do Fitness. If you are going to use one of your pre-paid tickets from you 12 for 10 book of tickets that you bought before lockdown  use the code TICKETBOOK when asked for payment. Nordic Walkers please bring your own poles (let me know if you need to borrow some) and Pilates bring their own mat. All outdoor classes are following guidelines on social distancing and max number 5. You can now get a 12 for 10 offer on Gymcatch.com

The Do Fitness Private Facebook Group Please join our private group so we can keep in touch with each other www.facebook.com/groups/1113432258991949

The Do Fitness YouTube Channel 
Don’t forget there are plenty of videos on our channel for you to use! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkQNb2YwdoAWWh_4gPXEYbA?view_as=subscriber

Timetable week beginning Monday 13 July
Monday 13 July
9am  Start the week with Interval training for All SWITA Facebook Live on Do Fitness private group  www.facebook.com/groups/1113432258991949  
10.30am Zumba outdoors FULL
12 noon Zumba 4spaces https://gymcatch.com/
6.30pm Nordic Walking 1 space https://gymcatch.com/

Tuesday 14 July
11.30am Nordic Walking FULL
12.30pm Nordic Walking Lunchtime https://gymcatch.com/   4spaces

Wednesday 15 July
9.30am Zumba Zoom

see codes on Newsletter email or www.facebook.com/groups/1113432258991949

10.30am Pilates Zoom

see codes on Newsletter email or www.facebook.com/groups/1113432258991949

2.45pm Nordic Walking Cuerden Valley https://gymcatch.com/  1space
4pm Nordic Walking Cuerden Valley           FULL
Thursday 16 July
4pm Nordic Walking Wellness (gentle)   FULL
6.30pm Nordic Walking Worden     https://gymcatch.com/      3spaces  

Love to you all.