Week beginning 4 May timetable, YouTube and new classes

Hello everyone

I hope you are doing ok. Well a new month and in the media the discussion is all about coming out of lockdown in a phased way -when, what and how. My feeling is that it will be a while before we go back to meeting up for group classes so I am continuing to develop my online classes and my YouTube library. Wow what a learning curve! Thank you for people who have been supporting me with donations – it really helps – more information about virtual classes and donating on https://dofitness.org/timetable-2

Timetable – week beginning 4 May

Monday 4 May

Start the Week Interval Training for All –SWITA 9.30am Facebook Live
Pilates  4:30 PM Zoom
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Meeting ID: 859 7084 4705 Password: 007505
Tuesday 5 May
Topic: Zumba Gold
Time: May 5, 2020 01:30 PM
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Meeting ID: 891 9383 3256 Password: 019470
Wednesday 6 May
Topic: Zumba
Time: May 6, 2020 09:30 AM
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Meeting ID: 852 4422 7038 Password: 029162

Pilates 10.30am Facebook Live

Thursday 7 May
Topic: Zumba Gold
Time: May 7, 2020 01:30 PM
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Meeting ID: 829 2593 6876 Password: 017454

Standing Stretch, Strengthen and Balance 2.30pm Facebook Live
Friday 8 May
Topic: Zumba
Time: May 8, 2020 09:30 AM
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Meeting ID: 897 3812 9773 Password: 006938

Chairfit 11.30am Facebook Live
Topic: Pilates Cancelled due to VE Day
Time: May 8, 2020 0
YouTube – playlists
At the end of one of our Zumba Zoom sessions the question was asked if I could put my Youtube videos in ‘categories’ – I am working on that but in the meantime Soo has sent me the following for you to make your own Playlists from my Youtube library. Thank you Soo!
Creating a playlist in YouTube – you can only do this if you have an account with YouTube which you will need to sign in to – it’s free and all you need is an e-mail address and you will have to create a password

 Go to Do Fitness on YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkQNb2YwdoAWWh_4gPXEYbA?view_as=subscriber
Select video which you want to add to playlist
Under the video, there are various options which include Share or Save
Click on Save – this will bring up an option to Save To, and there will also be an option here to Create New Playlist
Click on Create New Playlist and you will be given the option to name your playlist, I have called mine Zumba Routine 1, and so on.  When you have given it a title, make sure you click Create to save your playlist
You can now add as many videos as you like to this playlist by following the above steps with each video you choose, because when you click Save, the playlist will automatically pop up and you just need to click on it and the video will go into the playlist. To access your playlists, you will need to go to the Library option which is part of YouTube. You can re-order your list of videos easily enough but I always make sure I start with a warm up, finish with a cool down track, and just pop my favourites inbetween. They should play one after the other, just like your routines.

New Classes
I am going to do a Standing Stretch, Strengthen and Balance class on Thursday 2.30pm (you will need something some thing to hold onto like a kitchen cabinet or chair) and a Chairfit on Friday 11.30am both on Facebook Live.

Take care – I am off to my allotment now.