Zoom classes from Monday 8 February and vaccinations


The vaccination programme seems to be going really well especially in the North of England. More than 10 million people in the UK have had at least one dose of the corona virus vaccine. Good news for us all. I had mine on Friday as I am working at the Vaccination Centre I need protection.  I felt a bit ‘fluey’ yesterday but feel much better today. Let us hope it is on wards and upwards now for us all! 

I have been doing some more Chair Based training organised by the Community Fitness Network. It also included an amazing workshop on Dementia as it anticipated we would be coming across this if we take our classes into Care Homes or Assisted Living. I learned so much that I didn’t’t know about Dementia. I have seen the impact on class members whose parents or partners have been suffering from this horrible disease. 

Collecting your used stamps to raise money for the RNIB
Thank you again! I received so many this week.Thanks Kathleen, Lesley, Eileen, Lynda J. Lesley U., Nikki, Eileen C. and many others. I love getting the notes and messages you send too. Our class member Christine (Zumba) will prepare and send the stamps off to the RNIB to raise much needed funds to support their work. You can send the stamps to me at 11, Cedarwood Drive Leyland PR25 1HN and I will forward them to Christine. 
So many stamps this week – even a carrier bag full!

Classes week beginning 8 February
Please see timetable at the bottom of the page. Our evening Zumba and Pilates has moved to Thursdays.

The Do Fitness Private Facebook Group If you are Facebook user please join our private group so we can keep in touch with each other www.facebook.com/groups/1113432258991949  Please feel free to add photos from some of your socially distanced  walks when you are out and about.

Videos on Youtube – new dances
Please feel free to access our Do Fitness video channel  (18) Do Fitness – YouTube
You can make your own play list so you don’t have to scroll through all the videos.

Timetable – all classes can be booked through Gymcatch on Book a class – Do Fitness with Diane Oakden

Monday  8 February
9.30am Move It Mondays Zoom
10.30am Zumba Zoom

Wednesday 10 February
9.30am Zumba Zoom
10.30am Pilates Zoom

Thursday 11 February
6.30pm Zumba
7.30pm Pilates

Friday 12 February
9.30am Zumba Zoom
10.30am Pilates Zoom

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Sunshine and snowdrops