MS and me

As long as I can blow my whistle we carry on!

As some of you know I have probably got Multiple Sclerosis. I started to feel weak in my left side in Pilates on Monday 7th March and I lost my balance while dancing in Fitness 55+. I took myself off to A and E just as a precaution as possibly it might have been a stroke. There was no evidence of a stroke on the CAT scan  but was transferred to Preston to Stroke ward to be monitored. I went for a MRI and began to feel better by Wednesday and planned to teach 60+ Circuits at 11.30am. However the bombshell came that it was most likely to be MS.I am now waiting for a lumber puncture for final diagnosis.
Sadly I have had to make some changes but with the help of cover instructors most of timetable will carry on.
Monday night Euxton 6.45pm Zumba and 7.30pm Pilates has finished

Monday afternoon Prospect House new Pilates class has finished

Tuesday night Worden 7.30pm Pilates will not continue for now

The rest of the timetable will carry on as normal   timetable
I have probably got Relapsing Remitting MS so I could be back to normal in a few weeks. My symptoms at the moment are left sided weakness, fatigue, weakness in my mouth so chewing is hard. I have a funny walk at the moment! Thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped me in the last few days. To Judy who hugged me when I burst into tears in Tescos and gave me tissues and so many others.
Love from Diane xxxx

New classes news

I hope everyone is having a good week. This is just a quick up-date on new classes.
Pilates Pilates Tuesday nights 7.30pm the Academy @ Worden Westfield Drive, Leyland, PR251QX Thanks to everyone who is attending this class. The gym at the Academy@ Worden is a great venue for Pilates and with the lights turned down low it feels really calming and relaxing.
New Monday afternoon Pilates class starting 22 February 2pm Prospect House Sandy Lane, Leyland PR252 EE I am excited about starting a new Monday Pilates class on 22th  February at 2pm.This gives people a daytime alternative to the morning class on Mondays.
Euxton Community Centre, Wigan Road, PR7 6JL Fridays 10.30am There are places in this Pilates class if anyone if free on Fridays at 10.30am. Lovely friendly group and we discuss all sorts!
Chair Based- 1.15pm Mondays Prospect House Sandy Lane, Leyland PR252 EE We have an age range from 40 to 84 and have so much fun with this group. Chair based exercise classes are surprisingly hard work but can make a massive difference to quality of life.  Ideal for anyone with joint problems, mobility issues or neurological conditions.
New! Fitness 55+ 1.30pm and 50+ Circuits 2.15pm Friday afternoons St Andrews Church Hall Worden Lane Entrance PR25 3EL So excited we have such a great big venue for these new classes. I have had my eye on this hall for a while now but it was never free so jumped at the chance recently to book it when it came free. No dance in the Circuits class. Dance is used as the cardio element in Fitness 55+.
Do you relax enough? Relaxation is so important for long term health. Giving your body and mind time to recover. I recently experienced the effects of a long period of stress. It was quite terrifying and I think regular exercise and relaxation when I could probably saved me – and of course amazing friends. In Pilates we always have a few minutes of relaxation. I have tried and tested many Youtube videos for relaxation but I think this is still favourite.
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x Diane

New classes January 2016

Dear lovely Do Fitness class members here is an update on our new classes:

New Pilates starting Tuesday 19th January at 7.30pm – the Academy @Worden
I am so excited we have got the gym at the Academy @Worden, Westfield Drive, Leyland, PR25 1QX A great space for a Pilates class. Look forward to seeing you there. I know a few people are moving from Thursday to Tuesday as Thursday is too busy now. Thank you to those people.

New Chair Based – starting Monday 18th January at 1.15pm – Prospect House, Sandy Lane, Leyland PR253SP
This class is ideal for any one with some mobility issues due to joint problems or a health condition. The class promises to be sociable and fun too!

New Fitness 55+ -starting 22 January 1.30pm NOTE venue 22 and 29th January Leyland Methodist Church Hall, Turpin Green Lane, Leyland PR25 2EE
This is a class designed for over 55s with a dance element for the cardio vascular work. We move to St. Andrews Church Hall on Friday 5th February (Thanks Linda)

New 50+ Circuits- starting 22 January 2.15pm NOTE venue 22 and 29th January Leyland Methodist Church Hall, Turpin Green Lane, Leyland PR25 2EE
This class is designed for over 50s and has no dance element to it. Every one can work at their own level. We move to St. Andrews Church Hall on Friday 5th February.

We have so much fun in these classes. Thanks everyone for making it that way. Our new salsa track this week is La Gozadera with Marc Anthony. This might have to come back tonight Thursday evening Zumba start time is moving to 6.45pm from 21 January.

For upcoming class details see calendar
or timetable
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I hope you are having a great week.

Happy New Year!

We are all ready to get back to exercise after Christmas! Having some time off makes us realise how important exercise is for feeling good. I have taken a couple of weeks off from energetic exercise to give my body a rest as the rest of the year it is pretty non-stop. I have enjoyed going for walks though and gentle swims as doing nothing wasn’t an option. I have noticed though with the change in exercise pattern and granny’s Christmas cake even my baggy pyjamas are feeling a bit tight!! Looking forward to getting back into an exercise routine.

There is so much about New Year’s resolutions at the moment. Usually what happens we make unrealistic resolutions and very quickly feel like we have failed. Instead of setting yourself up to fail we need to think about realistic and achievable goals so we feel like we are succeeding. Also listen to your body too because if you don’t you end up with injuries which take you back to the beginning.

Classes start Monday 4th January
Classes start tomorrow Monday 4th January for details see calendar
or timetable

New classes
Chair Based – Mondays 1.15pm- from 18th January
We are starting a new Chair Based Class on Monday 18th January at 1.15pm at Prospect House, Sandy Lane, Leyland PR25 2EE. This is a gentle class including cardio exercises, balance and strength. It is for all ages and there will be younger people attending who need a gentler class due to health conditions. I will try to think up a more imaginative name in the future!

50+ Circuits -Fridays 2.15pm- from 22 January
Yes our new 50+ Circuits is starting on Friday 22 January at 2.15pm at Leyland Methodist Church, Turpin Green Lane, Leyland PR25 3HA. Great sociable way to exercise.

Time Change
Thursday night Zumba is changing to 6.45pm start from 21 January. Less of a rush to get there from work!

All the best for 2106!

Lots of love


Extra classes and Christmas drink

We are having extra classes on Monday 14th December. That is 9.30am 50+ Circuits, 10.30am Pilates and 11.30am Fitness 55+. All at Leyland Methodist Church Hall, Turpin Green Lane PR25 3HA. These are the last classes before Christmas. We start back again on Monday 4th January.

We are meeting on Thursday 17th December at 7.30pm at The Railway pub 1, Preston Road PR25 4NT if anyone would like to come for a chat.

We had a great Christmas Lunch on Tuesday at Wellington Park. Great atmosphere- we all enjoyed it!

Thank you
I just wanted to say thank you to every one this year for coming to classes and supporting me. It has been a tough year and I am going to use the Christmas present you collected for me to go and do something relaxing. I am so grateful to you all.

Happy Christmas!