Children in Need and Christmassy Things

Hi everyone
Thanks to everyone who is coming to class at the moment. You are all making for such a friendly, warm and welcoming  atmosphere which new people really appreciate and have commented on.

Children in Need I had an email from a class member who made the lovely suggestion that we collect for Children in Need next week. It feels really good when we do something like that. Last year for my 50th we held a charity event and raised over £700 for two amazing local charities.( It also made my 50th unforgettable!) For week beginning 17th November please wear anything spotty, yellow or  a bit silly or just put a bit of change in a collecting bucket.
Christmas Timetable. Our last normal timetabled class will be on Friday 12th of December and we will start the timetable again on Monday 5th of January. People get so busy around this time! I will arrange some classes between Christmas and New Year to keep you going and to help alleviate that Christmas feeling of having had a bit too much to eat and drink.  I will arrange a couple of walks too. Dates to follow. There will be a DO Fitness Christmas lunch on 15th of December at Wellington Park. More details to follow.

Fit with HIIT We will have a new FHIIT course starting in January by popular demand!

We are back!

Hi everyone,
We had a lovely holiday on the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. Beautiful place! It was great to see everyone last week. There is such a great atmosphere in classes where people have really got to know each other and are having a laugh together. This is so important- it’s not just about the exercise!
The class timetable is back to normal apart from the Bank  Monday on Monday 25th August when there are no classes
I saw a clip of a 99 year old lady running a 100 metre sprint. This lady started running when there was a family tragedy and exercise was her therapy. Exercise can make such a difference to quality of life – at any age!
x Diane O

You were brilliant at Leyland Festival!

All sorts of people and animals joined in with our Zumba session last Saturday at Leyland Festival. I looked round and saw toddlers and an 80 year gentlemen and of course the odd penguin and tiger doing their stuff. Fab! Thanks to everyone who came and talked to us on the stand, handed out leaflets and joined in dancing!

Sugary DrinksThis week the news media has been focussing on the dangers of sugary drinks to our health. We have an epidemic of obesity in the western world. It’s not just about not being able to fit into tight jeans or looking good in your new outfit these products have massively negative effect on our health. Diabetes, heart disease and strokes to name just a few. There is  research claiming that sugar interferes with the body’s appetite creating an insatiable desire to carry on eating, an effect  the food industry of using to increase consumption of their products. We are designed to drink water!
Fit with HIIT Course Well done everyone who is on this course at the moment. People who signed up for this course have been doing their home workouts and changing their eating habits to make changes to their health and fitness. We will running another course in September. I will keep you posted.