Week beginning 22 March

I am really loving how much more daylight we are having and how much the birds are singing first thing. I went for an early morning walk on Worden Park last week and just stopped and listened to the birds. The morning was misty and it was really atmospheric. It is really good to take those moments sometimes.(1) Facebook
Yesterday was the Spring Equinox and officially the start of Spring How the Spring Equinox marks the changing seasons (telegraph.co.uk). Hurrah!

Nordic Walking 
As we are permitted to have outdoor group exercise from 29 March I am looking to start our Saturday Nordic Walking group on Saturday 3 April. More information to follow. I need to check all the Covid guidelines and we will probably be starting on Paradise Lane as Worden Park has been incredibly busy but I will let you know. We have really missed our group walks and the social aspect of them.

Zoom time changes
Daytime classes are 30 minutes earlier and there is no Zumba on Monday mornings. See timetable below. This is to allow me to do my Census 21 work. 

Today is Census day. 
As you probably know this has been happening in England and Wales every 10 years since 1801 with the exception of 1941.
(1) Facebook It is kept anonymous for 100 years and then de-anonymised and released much to the excitement of people interested in family history. It is used for planning of schools, medical services and  transport. I will be  out and about helping anybody who hasn’t been able to do it. If anybody knocks on your door saying they are from the Census they should have an id badge and be wearing a  hi-viz vest.

The Do Fitness Private Facebook Group If you are Facebook user please join our private group so we can keep in touch with each other www.facebook.com/groups/1113432258991949  Please feel free to add photos from some of your socially distanced  walks when you are out and about.

Videos on Youtube – new dances
Please feel free to access our Do Fitness video channel  (18) Do Fitness – YouTube 
You can make your own play list so you don’t have to scroll through all the videos.
How to make a YouTube play list – thank you to Soo for this
Go to Do Fitness YouTube by clicking on the link above
Select video which you want to add to play list
Under the video, there are various options which include Share or Save
Click on Save – this will bring up an option to Save To, and there will also be an option here to Create New Play list
Click on Create New Play list and you will be given the option to name your play list, I have called mine Zumba Routine 1, and so on.  When you have given it a title, make sure you click Create to save your play list
You can now add as many videos as you like to this play list by following the above steps with each video you choose, because when you click Save, the play list will automatically pop up and you just need to click on it and the video will go into the play list
To access your play lists, you will need to go to the Library option which is part of YouTube 
You can re-order your list of videos easily enough but I always make sure I start with a warm up, finish with a cool down track, and just pop my favourites in between. They should play one after the other, just like your routines.

Timetable – all classes can be booked through Gymcatch on Book a class – Do Fitness with Diane Oakden

Monday 22 March
9am Move It Mondays (with weights)

Wednesday 24 March
9am Zumba Zoom
10am Pilates

Thursday 25 March
6.30pm Zumba Zoom
7.30pm Pilates

Friday 26 March
9am Zumba Zoom
10am Pilates

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