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Second May Bank Holiday
Yes we have another bank holiday in May!! There will be no classes on Monday 28th May.

Nordic Walking Learn To Course
We are having a wonderful time at the moment Nordic Walking in beautiful weather. The next Learn To Nordic Walk is on Saturday 19th May at 11.30am
Worden Park. Click here to book

Love Diane

Bank Holiday Weekend, Nordic Walking Tasters and Grief

Hello everyone,

Bank Holiday Weekend
We are having a long weekend this Bank Holiday.
There are no classes on Friday 4th May and Monday 7th May.
Have a lovely time. I will be away in Glossop doing some Pilates training with the amazing Cherry Baker. Watch out everyone in Pilates.

Nutrition and Depression
There is a lot of information and research now about how nutrition affects your mood. You will be hearing people talk about the microbiome in the gut. The microbiome is the multitude of micro-organisms in the gut. Having the right ones keeps us healthy and having too much of the wrong ones can make us ill and this can include low mood or depression. Psychology Today have given the following guide lines for optimum health of the gut.
1. Avoid too much sugar in your diet. This feeds the unhealthy bacteria and yeasts.
2. Get plenty of sleep as this allows the gut to repair and restore.
3 – Meditation and Relaxation: Meditation and quality down time is important to keep the body in the ‘rest and digest’ mode instead of stress mode. Stress mode shuts circulation to the gut, which doesn’t allow a healthy microbiome.
4 – Eat Foods with Fiber: Good fiber helps feed the good bacteria and keeps them healthy. Vegetables, fruits, psyllium, flax, inulin and other fibers also help keep good flora and proper balance of short chain fatty acids in the intestines.
5 – Eat Probiotic Foods: These include natto (a traditional Japanese fermented food), kim chi (Korean style cabbage), sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, tempeh, fermented milk (like buttermilk), miso, and non-baked cheeses (like aged cheese). Homemade sauerkraut is better than store bought, for the store bought stuff is pasteurized, which kills some of the good probiotics.
6 – Consider a probiotic supplement: For patients with health issues, sometimes it makes sense to use a supplement along with foods. A good quality supplement should contain with Lactobacillus and bifidus bacteria. There are a number of good ones on the market and some that are poorly made, so if you choose to take a supplement, make sure the manufacturer is of the highest quality in terms of raw materials, culturing techniques, and quality control.
There are also some good nutrition guidelines from Dr Chatterjee:

You are what you eat: How diet can improve symptoms of depression

Free Nordic Walking Taster.
There is a free Taster Course coming up on Saturday 12th May at 11.30am for those who would like to try this fantastic form of outdoor exercise. to book on go to
We are going to start a Nordic Walking Group in Cuerden Valley Park at the end of May.

As most of you know I lost my beloved son Yianni on 30th April 2016. He was 25 and just about to start work as a solicitor after years of hard work. Monday was the second anniversary so I took the day off. Thank you to the cover teachers Fiona, Jen and Catherine for teaching for me. Chris my husband, Mano Yianni’s older brother and Eleni his little sister took the day off too and we went to Go Ape at Rivington to do something as a family. Thank you for your support every one over the last two years.. Today I feel exhausted and broken hearted.

Love to everyone


9.30am 50+ Circuits Leyland Methodist Turpin Green Lane Leyland PR25 3HA
10.30am Pilates Leyland Methodist Turpin Green Lane Leyland PR25 3HA (waiting list)
11.30am Fitness 55+ Leyland Methodist Turpin Green Lane Leyland PR25 3HA
1.15pm Chair Fit Prospect House Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE
2.00pm Pilates Prospect House Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE

7.30pm Pilates Leyland Methodist Church Hall Turpin Green Lane Leyland PR25 3HA

9.30am Zumba Prospect House Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE
10.30am Pilates Prospect House Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE
11.30am 60+ Circuits Prospect House Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE
1.30pm Seated Pilates St Ambrose Church Hall Moss Lane Leyland PR25 4XA
2.15pm Pilates St Ambrose Church Hall Moss Lane Leyland PR25 4XA

7.30pm Pilates Prospect House Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE

9.30am Zumba Prospect House Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE
10.30am Pilates Prospect House Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE
11.30am Chair Fit Prospect House Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE
1.30pm Fitness 55+ St Andrews Church Hall Worden Lane Leyland PR25 3EL
2.15pm Seated Pilates St Andrews Church Hall Worden Lane Leyland PR25 3EL

April News

Hello everyone,
It is so lovely to have lighter evenings and feel like summer is on its way. Nordic Walking in Worden park has been wonderful for seeing the spring flowers and now the blossom. I am starting to plan an evening Nordic Walking class for those who are at work during the day and to be honest the days I don’t get out in the fresh air I really miss it! I will keep you posted.
There has been a lot in the press about how exercise reduces the risk of Dementia. That is fantastic news for us! Here is one of the newspaper articles :

Parking at Prospect House on 25th April.
The wonderful people who manage Prospect House have let me know that there will be restricted parking on April 25th due to tree work so you might be advised to park elsewhere that day as I am not sure how much parking there will be.

Next Nordic Walking Learn To at Astley Park
We have few places left tomorrow

Living with Relapsing Remitting MS
I have had my relapses around Easter time in the past so when I got past Easter this year I breathed a small sigh of relief. MS is rather unpredictable so I am not assuming another relapse will not hit me in the future but for now I am enjoying the very simple pleasures of being able to walk in the park, dance in Zumba or stand on one leg. Each time these things feel fantastic! I have the honour of teaching a Seated Pilates session for Chorley and Leyland MS Society now. I am seeing the very hard challenges other people with more severe MS are dealing with. .

Love to everyone


Easter Break and free Nordic Walking Taster session

No classes on Good Friday ( 30th March) and Easter Monday ( 2nd April). Back to normal on Tuesday 3 April.

Nordic Walking and Free Taster session
Nordic Walking is on as normal on Saturday 31 March for people who have done their Learn To programme.
There will be a Nordic Walking free Taster session at 11.30am on Saturday 31 March
to book go to or text me 07818444841.

Have a good Easter everyone.

Dear lovely Do Fitness class members,

We had an amazing time with Cherry Baker for the Pelvic Floor Seminar. In fact it is the most fun night I have had in a long time and we all learnt so much. She really would have a career in stand up comedy if she wanted. Thanks to everyone who came and made a great night!!

Nordic Walking
The next free Tasters sessions are coming up next week

Tuesday 20th February 12.30pm meet main car park Worden Park, Leyland

Thursday 22nd February 10am and 1.30pm main car park Astley Park Chorley

Saturday 24th February 11.30am meet main car park Worden Park, Leyland.

You can book by going to or phoning Diane 07818444841

Dancing Keeps Your Brain Young
This lovely video tells us a bit about the science of dancing and keeping your brain young. That’s why we use it in most of our classes event sneaking a bit of dancing into circuits.

Dancing improves brain function and reverses signs of aging

Dancing improves brain function and reverses signs of aging.

Posted by Hashem Al-Ghaili on Monday, January 22, 2018

See you soon at one of the classes!

Pelvic Floor Seminar – with inspirational presenter Cherry Baker

Join us on Friday 9th February at Wellington Park Leyland 7-10pm
1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men have problems with their pelvic floor.

Cherry sets out to tackle this under reported and often taboo subject with evidence, information and a big dose of humour to answer the questions about your Pelvic Floor:
What is it and where is it?
How does it work?
What do I do if it doesn’t work?
How do I make it work better?

“I cannot imagine anyone was not entertained and informed by Cherry. She was brilliant. Who would think the pelvic floor could raise so much laughter whilst educating!”
tickets cost £25 either from class or by Paypal to