Walk and Talk on Worden Park

Walk and Talk on Worden
The next Walk and Talk is at 2pm on Tuesday 31 January. Meet by the Dog Wash on the main carpark. We will walk through the woods in the gorgeous Worden Park then go for a coffee after in the Folly café on the park. Bring friends or dogs (the café is doggy friendly).

Being a fitness instructor involves continuous study- something I love. Of course you don’t have to once you have your basic qualifications but for me it makes my job extra interesting. Of course last year was difficult to even concentrate enough to learn but I am slowly starting to feel ready and I am starting off gently with Mindfulness for Health Professionals which involves daily relaxation practice something I am really enjoying. I am also studying the Brainfit TM course which is movement and meditation bringing  me some refreshing approaches. There is more and more scientific evidence emerging on the benefits of this kind of relaxation.
Here is one of the relaxation practices for you find yourself a quiet place – it takes about 8 minutes.

There are currently places in the following classes:
@Leyland Methodist Church Hall Turpin Green Lane PR25 3HA
9.30am 50+ Circuits
11.30am Fitness 55+
@Prospect House Sandy Lane PR252EE
1.15pm Chair Based Fitness
2pm Pilates

@Prospect House Sandy Lane PR252EE
9.30am Zumba with Donna and Diane

@Prospect House Sandy Lane PR252EE
7.30pm Pilates

@Euxton PC Community Centre Wigan Road PR76JL
9.30am Zumba
11.30am Fitness 55+
@St Andrews Church Hall Worden Lane PR253EL
1.30pm Fitness 55+
2.15pm 50+ Circuits

Have  a good week everyone

Important: Venue change Friday afternoon 27th January, coreballs and walk and talk

Important: Venue change Friday afternoon 27th January
The 1.30pm Fitness 55+ and the 2.15pm 50+ Circuits classes will be held at Prospect House Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE for one
week only.

Stability Ball/ Swiss ball/ Core Ball – do you have one of these?
Do you have a core ball sitting around the house that you dutifully blew up but haven’t used since. They are great pieces of exercise equipment if you know what to do with them. One thing you need to do first is check that it is the right size for you. When you are sitting on the ball your knees need to be at 90 degrees. This is shown in the video below along with 3 exercises explaining good technique

I am thinking of running a Core Ball course. I have run this kind of class before and it is great fun! If you would be interested just email me diane@dofitness.org.

Walk and Talk on Worden Park Tuesday 31 January
Meet at 2pm near the Dog Wash in the main car park. We will go through the woods and probably go to the Folly Café for a coffee for anyone who wants to. Wear good walking shoes/ boots as it gets a bit muddy in the woods.

Have a good week everyone


Raring to go and what’s on in January

It is fantastic to be back and seeing everyone raring to go. A break from classes is really useful because it reminds us what we feel like if we don’t exercise. Humans are designed to move and be active!

New Pilates class- Monday afternoons.
A new Pilates class is starting on Monday 16th January at 2pm at Prospect House, 45 Sandy Lane, Leyland PR25 2EE. I have had a few requests for this Monday afternoon class. And if anyone can’t come on Monday morning there is now an afternoon option.

Normal timetable except for Friday afternoon Friday 13th January.
There are no Friday afternoon classes on Friday 13th January. Morning classes in Euxton are on as normal. Friday afternoon back to normal next week.

What is on?
If you are thinking of coming to a new class there are places in the following classes:
Monday mornings at Leyland Methodist Church Hall, Turpin Green Lane Leyland PR25 3HA
9.30am 50+ Circuits
11.30am Fitness 55+
Monday afternoons at Prospect House 45 Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE
1.15pm Chair Based
2pm Pilates

Wednesday mornings at Prospect House 45 Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE
9.30am Zumba with Donna
11.30 60+ Circuits

Thursday at Prospect House 45 Sandy Lane Leyland PR25 2EE
7.30pm Pilates

Friday morning at Euxton Community Centre Wigan Road Euxton PR7 6JL
9.30am Zumba with Donna
10.30am Pilates
11.30am Fitness 55+
Friday afternoons St Andrews Church Hall Worden Lane Leyland PR25 3EL
1.30pm Fitness 55+
2.15pm 50+ Circuits

Dog Walker
The lovely Helen Noblett has started a dog walking service- she can be contacted on 07709129246 or https://www.facebook.com/helensdogwalkingandpetserivce/

Living with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
To get the diagnosis of MS is very frightening but also a relief because usually you have known for sometime that something is wrong. Symptoms vary from person to person.  My last relapse gave me left sided weakness. I have recovered 90% strength and coordination. I have to be very careful on stairs as I easily fall through balance issues and foot drop where I catch my left heel. Typing is getting better as I am regaining more coordination in my left hand. I will take a walking stick if I am walking a distance or on uneven ground. Extreme fatigue and brain fog are my other  symptoms. This is soul destroying if you are used to being active and using your mind.
Pilates is extremely good for my condition for balance and core strength. All classes are brilliant because of you the wonderful class members who make me feel so much better with your humour, chats and encouragement. Thank you.

Lots of love to you all



Christmas 2016

Christmas holiday dates
Our last class in on Friday 9th December and we start again on Wednesday 4 January 2017.

Christmas lunch
Our lunch, for those who have signed up, is at 12 noon on Monday 12th December at Wellington Park,  Church Road, Leyland PR253AB.We had a fabulous time last year! If you would like to come there is still chance to sign up this week. It is £15 per head. We got a special deal for Do Fitness class members.

No Pilates Thursday 20th October

So sorry about the short notice but there is no Pilates Thursday 20th October. I am going to the Academy@ Worden to present the Yianni Hadjigeorgiou Outstanding Student Award which the school has introduced in Yianni’s memory. I am afraid I couldn’t get a cover teacher and I didn’t want to  miss being there. Back to normal next week.



Christmas lunch and timetable changes

Christmas Lunch Last year we all really enjoyed our Christmas lunch at Wellington Park in Leyland. I have booked it again for Monday 12 December at 12 noon. It is £15 per person. I will start collecting when I see you in class. We will also have an evening Christmas drink for people who are not free during the day. Get your Christmas jumpers ready.
Thursday night Zumba has finished for now I am so sad to finish the Thursday night Zumba for the time being. Thank you so much for the dedicated people who were coming and to the amazing Ann Smith  for teaching it since MS has zapped me.  If you would like to continue going to a class with Ann she runs Zumba on Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm at St James’s Parish Hall Avondale Drive Lostock Hall PR55BQ.
No 50+ Circuits on Monday 24th October There will be no class that day. All other classes running as normal that day. Back to normal the following week.
xx Diane