For pre-christmas timetable please see calendar below ‘up-coming events’


Newsletter 16th November

Hi everyone

I hope everyone is well. It is starting to be a bit of a gloomy time of year. If you can get out in the fresh air and daylight around lunchtime for 30 minutes it could make a lot of difference to how you feel at this time of year. It can also improve sleep quality. Something I am a bit obsessed with at the moment!
Pre- Christmas Timetable There are some changes to the timetable from Monday 18th November until we break-up for Christmas on Friday 13th of December.
Tuesday Evenings

Tuesday evening classes- there are no classes on Tuesday evenings leading up to Christmas. I will keep you posted about plans for the new year.  Since feeling so ill last week I am being a bit careful and reducing the evenings that I teach – to be on the safe side. If you can come to alternative classes for the time being lovely ladies that would be great.

Alternative to 6pm Fitness Fusion is 6pm Mondays at Euxton C of E, Bank Lane Euxton or 6pm Thursdays at Prospect House, Sandy Lane, Leyland  PR25 2EE

 Alternative to 7.15pm Chorley Zumba is 6.30pm Mondays at Euxton C of E, Bank Lane, Euxton or 6.30pm Thursdays at Prospect House, Leyland PR25 2EE

Sunday morning Pilates
No classes until the new year. This class will start again in the new year with a change of venue as the current one at Astley Park Community Centre was not available or we had to share with a Junior football team!
Coppull Friday  afternoons Forever Fitness 55+ We have got a new venue lined up as we found the sports hall to be unsuitable as we had to share with a trampoline group and we couldn’t hear each other. And last week it was absolutely freezing! I will keep you posted about new start date and venue.

Venue Change – Wellington Park For 1 week only the Wellington Park classes are moving to Prospect House, Sandy Lane as our room is not available next week on 25th of November. Back to normal the following week.
Christmas Lunch -daytime classes – all welcome Wednesday 11th of December for daytime classes at 12 noon Wellington Park, Leyland. We have changed to Carvery only for £4.25 as most people felt they couldn’t eat soup too. Put your £4.25 in the Christmas lunch pot and sign up to book your place.

Take care everyone- there is a bug going round that makes you feel faint and nauseous.  Please always take time off from exercise if you feel unwell and let your body recover properly.



No evening classes week beginning 28th October. Daytime normal. No classes on Bonfire night

Half-term timetable- Week beginning 28th October Day time classes are normal. There are no evening classes that week. Evening classes are back on 4th November. No classes on Bonfire night.
Reminder about timetable changes at Euxton C of E Very important! The timetable at Euxton C of E has changed 6pm      Fitness Fusion with Interval Training FFIT 6.30pm Zumba 7.30pm Pilates
Some people are choosing to do FFIT followed by 30 minutes Zumba.
Sunday Mornings Pilates in the Park 10.30am Astley Village Community Centre This class proving popular for people who are really busy during the week.
New classes in Eccleston
 Wednesday afternoon classes have started at St. Agnes Church Hall.
1pm Forever Fitness 55+ 2pm Zumba and Tone

I was delivering leaflets for the classes and bumped into someone walking their dog who came to my Greek classes 20 years ago!!! They said they would come to Forever Fitness 55+. Wow that’s really lovely.

Bay City Rollers and Euxton evening timetable changes

I was on Radio Lancs last Thursday- and at the end of my slot the producer said would you like to meet Eric from the Bay City Rollers. Blast from the past! Shockingly I realised to my horror that I had seen the band live nearly 40 years ago at Blackpool. We were introduced. Yes he has changed -as he patted his belly he asked for an exercise programme to be emailed to him.
Timetable changes Euxton C of E Very important!

From Monday 7th October there will be some changes to the timetable at Euxton C of E 6pm      Fitness Fusion with Interval Training FFIT    6.30pm Zumba   

7.30pm Pilates         All normal next week 30th September


Sunday Mornings Pilates in the Park 10.30am Astley Village Community Centre starts 29th September

This class is starting in response to the fact that a lot of people are really busy during the week and find it difficult to attend things after work in the evenings. Have a walk in the lovely Astley Park before or after the class.

New classes in Eccleston

We are starting some Wednesday afternoon classes from the 9th of October at St. Agnes Church Hall.

1pm Forever Fitness 55+

2pm Zumba and Tone

Inspiration A few class members mentioned this programme they saw on Channel 4. It’s a documentary about older women who are living life to full. Exercise is a big part of it.



My strictly experience

My ‘strictly’ experience On Sunday I went on training day to teach ‘Fitsteps’. It has been created by two dancers off Strictly Come Dancing. Now I have to admit I haven’t watched lots of Strictly and have never done ballroom dancing but I wanted to learn more about it all for new ideas for my Zumba classes. I arrived at the venue and started queuing up to register I signed in and was given my course materials by a tall, slim gentleman with beautiful posture. We did a masterclass and this gentleman  introduced himself as Ian Waite! Yes well -sorry for being so dozy. His masterclass was delightful and he was a real pleasure to spend my Sunday with- ok there were 50 other ladies and I had to share him a bit. If like me you didn’t really know who he is here’s a link
New Forever Fitness 55+ class Coppull 1.15pm Coppull Leisure Centre Fridays Our new class started last Friday – thank you to the ladies who came.
Sunday Mornings Pilates in the Park 10.30am Astley Village Community Centre starts 29th September This class is starting in response to the fact that a lot of people are really busy during the week and find it difficult to attend things after work in the evenings. Have a walk in the lovely Astley Park before or after the class.
Loyalty Card changes The loyalty card is going to change shortly so there is now a lottery each month. There is chance to win a month’s free classes..  Really important to write your name on your card now! And there’s still a price reduction. If you come to 10 classes the 11th one is half price.

All the best to Jill Potter Jill Potter has emigrated to Texas to join her husband, who is from there. Jill we shall miss you in classes and wish you so much happiness in your new life.
Radio Lancashire I will be talking on Radio Lancashire next Thursday about the mental health benefits of exercise. If you have any thoughts on that subject please let me know – it would be great to get some quotes!
xx Diane


Prospect House

We are back at Prospect House this week as the decorating has been completed.

I can feel a hint of autumn in air and as we came out of the Euxton C of E School class last night  it was dark outside!! Traditionally January has been the time to start to try to get fitter with New Year’s resolutions but September is equally a good time.  For a lot of people the end of the summer holidays when children or grand children go back to school is an opportunity to get into new routines and try new approaches to fitness. The most important thing is to enjoy your fitness whether it brings you into a new social circle or gives you some time out, if you enjoy it you will be go regularly and this is the secret. I love it at the start of Zumba or Forever Fitness when people are so busy chatting I can hardly bring myself to start the class or in Pilates when I can see people are in the relaxation ‘zone’.
Bank Holiday Monday There are no classes on the Bank Holiday Monday 26th August. Classes back to normal on Tuesday 27th of August
New classes for September New Forever Fitness classes are starting in Chorley, Coppull and Eccleston and a new Sunday morning Pilates will start in Chorley. Dates and times to follow.
Happy Birthday Brenda! 80 last week! You look amazing.

Venue change

Change of Venue – for one week Prospect House, Leyland classes On Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th August the classes will move to Wellington Park, Leyland this week. Wellington Park is just round the corner from Prospect House on Church Road. Same times just a different venue. For directions got to Prospect House is being decorated.

Forever Fitness 55+ Euxton lunch This week Friday 16th August we are going next door after class to Papa Luigis for lunch at about 12.30pm. This is just to let anyone know who wasn’t there last week. Just bring a spare t-shirt to change into – we are not getting dressing up. Every week the smell of garlic bread wafts through to us in class from Papa Liugis so we have finally given in to it!

Bank Holiday Monday There will be no classes on Bank Holiday Monday 26th of August.