No evening classes week beginning 28th October. Daytime normal. No classes on Bonfire night

Half-term timetable- Week beginning 28th October Day time classes are normal. There are no evening classes that week. Evening classes are back on 4th November. No classes on Bonfire night.
Reminder about timetable changes at Euxton C of E Very important! The timetable at Euxton C of E has changed 6pm      Fitness Fusion with Interval Training FFIT 6.30pm Zumba 7.30pm Pilates
Some people are choosing to do FFIT followed by 30 minutes Zumba.
Sunday Mornings Pilates in the Park 10.30am Astley Village Community Centre This class proving popular for people who are really busy during the week.
New classes in Eccleston
 Wednesday afternoon classes have started at St. Agnes Church Hall.
1pm Forever Fitness 55+ 2pm Zumba and Tone

I was delivering leaflets for the classes and bumped into someone walking their dog who came to my Greek classes 20 years ago!!! They said they would come to Forever Fitness 55+. Wow that’s really lovely.