Week beginning 2 May

Happy new month! Gosh it is May. I have been fascinated to see some flowers on our Nordic Walks that I didn’t even know the name of like the Cuckoo Flower (Lady’s smock or Mayflower). So pretty.

Nordic Walking Refresher Technique session –  free session 4.30pm Thursday May 5.
If you have done Nordic Walking before and would like a refresher session or you are completely new come to this session at 4.30pm May 5 on Worden Park main meet main carpark. To book go to Book a class – Do Fitness with Diane Oakden or text me 07818444841.

This is something many of my class members have struggled with. Researchers have shown that after people sleep, they tend to retain information and perform better on memory tasks. Our bodies all require long periods of sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate, to grow muscle, repair tissue, and synthesizehormonesIt is a much increased problem around the menopause. If you are consistently waking between 2am and 4am and struggle to get back to sleep it would be worth talking to your GP about it rather than suffering in silence. 
Dr Nerina Ramlakhan gives some basic tips to improve sleep quality:
Dr Nerina Ramlakhan: 5 easy ways to get better sleep – Bing video
or a live talk by Nerina:Optimising Sleep – with Dr Nerina Ramlakhan Tickets, Wed 4 May 2022 at 19:00 | Eventbrite

No classes Monday 2 May due to Bank Holiday

No Thursday evening classes 5 May at Prospect House 

Prospect House is being used as a Polling station so no classes that evening.

Starter Circuits is beginning again Friday 13 May at 1.15pm at Prospect House
Many people have asked for Circuits to come back. This class will start on 13 May at 1.15pm. It is a 45 minute class working on strength, balance and cardio-vascular fitness.

4.30pm Nordic Walking Technique/Refresher       Worden Park

Friday 6 May
9.30am Zumba                 Prospect House Sandy Lane
10.30am Pilates                Prospect House Sandy Lane
11.30am Zumba Gold       Prospect House Sandy Lane
12.30am Barre/ Standing  Pilates Prospect House Sandy Lane

Saturday 7 May
10.30am                          Nordic Walking meet Paradise Lane

Love from Diane xxx