Week beginning 3 August – Fresh Air Fit, Zumba Gold outdoors, Friday evening adventure Nordic Walk White Coppice, Nordic Walking Technique course and Timetable

Hello everyone,
I think when this all started  with Covid 19 I naively thought the disruption to our normal life would be a few weeks or max a couple of months but as time went on I became aware of how complex things are. Starting indoor class  for example involves quite a lot of planning, risk assessments, changes to the buildings and I am not so comfortable yet with being indoors in groups (for your safety) so we are looking more towards September. However outdoors is another matter – the only down side is our British weather which is so changeable. Last Friday though  for Zumba and Pilates outdoors was absolutely beautiful! We could have been in the South of France.
Nordic Walking is a different matter and it is not so weather dependent as we can put on our rain coats and still go out and enjoy ourselves and is such a social way to exercise too!

Fresh Air Fit 
This class is starting on Monday 9.30am 3 August meeting on the Folly Café carpark (park on the main carpark and walk round to the Arts Centre.) We will work on  cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance and flexibility all outdoors.https://gymcatch.com/  

Zumba Gold outdoors 2.30pm Thursday 6 August
The weather looks good for Thursday so we will have an outdoor Zumba Gold class. Book throughhttps://gymcatch.com/   let me know if you have problems booking.

Friday 7 August 6.30pm evening adventure Nordic Walk at White Coppice 
A gorgeous place to explore. Please meet on the cricket ground at White Coppice. If you are not familiar with the area call me an I will give you directions.https://gymcatch.com/

Saturday 8 August 12 noon Nordic Walking Technique course

Meet on Worden Park main carpark to learn how to Nordic Walk and join our lovely friendly groups including a wellness group which goes at a slower pace. Disinfected poles will be lent to you. To book got to https://gymcatch.com/ and search Do Fitness.

Outdoor classes- no longer limited to 5
There is no longer a limit of 5 attendees in outdoor classes which is really good news (new limit is 29). Of course we are still at the mercy of our British weather. 

Gymcatch for outdoor classes and social distancing
Because of the government regulations a booking system is in place for face to face classes as we can no longer do ‘paying at the door’ and we need to have a way to trace everyone with contact details. The  booking system can be found on https://gymcatch.com/  -go to this web-site and click the red ‘book’ button on the top right hand side. Search for Do Fitness. If you are going to use one of your pre-paid tickets from you 12 for 10 book of tickets that you bought before lockdown  use the code TICKETBOOK when asked for payment. Nordic Walkers please bring your own poles (let me know if you need to borrow some) and Pilates bring their own mat. All outdoor classes are following guidelines on social distancing You can now get a 12 for 10 offer on Gymcatch.com which is great for my regular Nordic Walkers.

The Do Fitness Private Facebook Group Please join our private group so we can keep in touch with each other www.facebook.com/groups/1113432258991949

The Do Fitness YouTube Channel 
Don’t forget there are plenty of videos on our channel for you to use! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkQNb2YwdoAWWh_4gPXEYbA?view_as=subscriber

Timetable from Monday 3 August
Monday 3 August

9.30am Fresh Air Fit an outdoor circuits class – meet Folly Café carpark  https://gymcatch.com/  
6.30pm Nordic Walking – meet Worden Park  https://gymcatch.com/  

Tuesday 4 August
11.30am Nordic Walking Worden Park  https://gymcatch.com/  

Wednesday 5 August
9.30am Zumba Zoom in your Living Room https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84018754430?pwd=eG1oNnpQWFRoTG9yMXJFUWd3Z2h6UT09 Meeting ID: 840 1875 4430
Passcode: 437540 2.45pm Nordic Walking Cuerden Valley https://gymcatch.com/
4pm Nordic Walking Cuerden Valley  https://gymcatch.com/
Thursday 6 August
2.30pm Zumba Gold outdoors Folly Café lawn Worden Park  https://gymcatch.com/
4pm Nordic Walking Wellness (gentle)  https://gymcatch.com/
6.30pm Nordic Walking Worden     https://gymcatch.com/

Friday 7 August
9.30am Zumba outdoors   https://gymcatch.com/  
10.30am Pilates outdoors 

6.30pm Nordic Walking Adventure White Coppice https://gymcatch.com/
Saturday 8 August
9am Nordic Walking  https://gymcatch.com/
10.30am Nordic Walking https://gymcatch.com/

Love to you all.