Week beginning 10 June – keeping your back and core strong

Many people are advised to come to Pilates classes by their Physiotherapists to help them with back pain. Keeping your lower back strong and strengthening your core is an important part of avoiding back pain or injury. Here are safe exercises to do, which we do in our Pilates classes
6 Exercises to strengthen lower back and core muscles (backintelligence.com)

If you have any friends or family who have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis please tell them about our local MS Society group. They are really supportive and have exercise classes either on Zoom or face-to-face and social events. 

Timetable and booking
All classes can be booked through Gymcatch onBook a class – Do Fitness with Diane Oakden

Monday 10 June 
9.30am Move-It Mondays
10.30am Pilates
11.30am Zumba Gold
12.30pm Seated Pilates

Tuesday 11 June -Primrose Gardens
1.30pm Zumba Gold  

Wednesday 12 June- Prospect House Leyland
9.30am Zumba
10.30am Pilates
11.30am Chairfit

Thursday  13 June
11.15 am Chairfit -St Mary’s Community Centre Leyland

6.30pm Zumba -Prospect House
7.30pm Pilates  

Friday 14 June -Prospect House
9.30am Zumba
10.30am Pilates
11.30am Zumba Gold

Videos for you on (45) Do Fitness – YouTube
I have put some more Zumba  and Chairfit dances on YouTube (45) Do Fitness – YouTube, there is a Pilates class Pilates for regular class members of Do Fitness in Leyland (youtube.com), there is a relaxation Relaxation to Spirits of the Mountain-Midori (youtube.com) and a few chair-based videos Introduction to Chairfit. (youtube.com) and scroll through for more chair-based.

Private Facebook group for Do Fitness class members
If you are a Facebook user please join our private group so we can keep in touch with each other www.facebook.com/groups/1113432258991949  
Do Fitness videos
This is the link to all the videos you can use any time Do Fitness Videos – Do Fitness with Diane Oakden and you can make your own playlist of your favourites.
We are collecting used stamps for RNIB to help raise funds for people who are affected by sight loss. If you bring them into class I will forward them on. RNIB – See differently   Thank you for everyone who has brought stamps into class!

Have a good week.