Virtual timetable and other news

Hello everyone,
Well week 5 in the new world of lockdown. I hope you are all doing well. It is so nice to see everyone on Zoom and get messages from you on Facebook Live. I have a few chats with people on the phone  too. Interesting to find out how people are keeping fit. Cycling seems to be a bit hit at the moment. It feels so much safer with less traffic on the roads. Gardening too has also been great for keeping fit. You are all going to have perfect gardens. I am lucky that we are allowed to go on our allotments so I cycle down  to my allotment which is heavenly first thing. I might have developed an allotment addiction though and I am boring my daughter crazy with my allotment ‘news’ eg my courgettes are coming through.

The Mystery Veg Box
I want to thank the person, who remained anonymous, for the veg and fruit box that arrived. It felt like  Christmas! Maybe one day you will tell me who you are.

The 2.6 Challenge
Also one of my lovely class members did 26 of my Zumba dances for the 2.6 Challenge and is donating to the my son Yianni’s memorial fund for Overcoming MS. .Thank you so much.

Videos on YouTube and any requests?
I try to post a film a day on Facebook from my YouTube Channel  with the idea that a dance a day will lift the spirits. There is also now a recording of a Pilates session for people who have done Pilates with me. If you have any requests for a dance or a certain kind of class please let me know. For everything together go to

Virtual Timetable Week Beginning 27 April – there are no classes on Thursday as it is the anniversary of my son Yianni’s death.

Monday 27 April
9.30am Start the Week Circuits
Facebook  on private Do Fitness Group  please join if you haven’t already – I will post it on YouTube later for those who don’t use Facebook. 
4.30pm Pilates Zoom

Meeting ID: 839 6195 7765 Password: 621702

Tuesday 28 April  
1.30pm Zumba Gold Zoom

Meeting ID: 869 9280 7650 Password: 428045

Wednesday 29 April
9.30am Zumba Zoom

Meeting ID: 840 7005 7565 Password: 11681610.30am Pilates Facebook Live
on Facebook  on private Do Fitness Group  please join if you haven’t already

Friday 1 May
9.30am Zumba Zoom

Meeting ID: 897 5590 3257Password: 861244

6.30pm Pilates Zoom

Meeting ID: 864 8352 7208 Password: 485288

Lots of love

Virtual classes next few days – please see your email or join private Facebook group

Hello everyone,

Well we are all learning so much particularly with technology. But what we have found is that it is all quite temperamental so although I have plans for classes the next few days I have to cross my fingers big time. I have found some people prefer Facebook Live for Pilates but  then other people don’t use Facebook. Zumba can only be taught on Zoom  due to music licensing regulations. Pilates on Zoom has to be with no music currently as I am waiting for a mixer unit so I can speak and play music. Phew! If Zumba Zoom fails please go to pre-recorded dances on YouTube and pick and mix
I will try to do the same thing for Pilates.

Thank you to the people who have made donations. It is helping me pay for all the ongoing costs like insurance, licences and new equipment.

When I trust the technology more I will publish a regular recurring timetable!

A dance a day and Monday 20 April Circuits and Pilates Zoom classes

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing ok.  I have stopped listening to the news so avidly and relaxed into this new life with my daily cycle rides lifting my spirits.
My new equipment has arrived to make Zoom classes a bit better but I do need a studio though or at least a bigger room! I need to knock a wall down to create more space to do classes (just joking)! I have been filming outdoors for the YouTube videos where there is more space to position the camera but chainsaws have been really popular in my neighbourhood for the last couple of days so it has made it really tricky to film.

YouTube Videos
All the videos are together on my channel
People are using them to make their own classes by combining warm ups with their favourite tracks followed by a cool down I am trying to post at least one Zumba dance a day. It is lovely to hear that people are using them.

Zoom classes Monday 20 April

To get the zoom codes please subscribe to mailing list and/ or join the Do Fitness private Facebook group

Before using  my YouTube videos or joining  a Zoom class please read info on


Happy Easter Weekend

I hope that the weekend has been bearable despite not being able to meet friends and family.

There are some more videos ready for you on our YouTube channel including 2 seated routines, a warm-up and  a cool down with stretches. Start from Havana. There is even a guest appearance from my husband Chris!

Virtual classes
We are having the classes next week . The codes will come out through an email if you are on my mailing list or on our private Facebook page see links below. It would be lovely to see you. You can invite friends too just ask them to subscribe to my mailing list on the website and/or join our private Facebook group
to get codes and passwords.  Please read the following before attending Everything is  free but some people have asked to  make donations  which you can do via the link . It will  help me pay my music licences, insurance and Zumba membership so I am very grateful for as I currently have no income. Thank you.

A happy Easter cartoon if you are not on Facebook:

Lots of love
Diane, Eleni and Chris.

8 April Keeping in Touch- Lost without you

Hello everyone,

 How are you all doing? I have to confess to feeling quite lost without the regular contact of my class members and the fitness and mood lift the classes provide. However,  I have enjoyed Zumba dancing with my daughter Eleni for our videos. We will keep doing them for you.

Zoom session
We will do a Zoom Zumba Gold session tomorrow Thursday 9 April at 1.30pm. The meeting ID and Password will have come out to you in an email (if you have or subscribed to newsletter or in the private Facebook group). It helps to make sure no one else or thing like Alexa is using your broadband at the time (advice from  my IT guy). Come and join me tomorrow for a bit of a get together. I will mute everyone once we are all logged in as this gives better music quality. I will send an email reminder out in the morning plus a message with the codes on our private Face book page.

Our videos
The videos we have made since the last email for those who do not use Facebook are now on YouTube starting from: .
10 minute safe workout for seniors

You can see all of them on my new YouTube channel!
It also includes a Relaxation video which I have been meaning to do for a long time and lots more popular Zumba tracks.

For those of you who haven’t already done so please join our private Do Fitness Facebook page so we can keep in touch and message each other and to get codes.

Lots of love to everyone. Miss you. Stay well. 


2 April Keeping in Touch

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well. Thanks for all the lovely emails I have received. I will try to get back to you all.     

We have all been learning a new vocabulary and new concepts. I had never heard the word furlough,  for example, before. A lot of adjustment has been going on which sometimes has been very difficult and worrying.  I have stopped listening to the news all the time as it was making me more and more anxious. Stress doesn’t help me manage my MS well and I had a couple of falls which I haven’t had for a while!

Some of you have been telling me about what you have been doing to keep fit and there are some great ideas! It is about finding things that suit you and you enjoy and then getting into a routine with it. I find if I don’t get out once a day for some sort of outdoor  exercise my mood starts  to sink dramatically. I have got my bike out of the shed and have been really enjoying discovering paths and bridleways round Leyland that I had no idea existed!

Zoom classes are coming soon. In the meantime here is  a YouTube Guide on how to use Zoom for the very first time. When I have my classes scheduled you will receive an invitation. Only chose to join classes you are interested in or are appropriate for you.

I have been  posting a few video clips on Facebook but  for people who don’t use Facebook below are the latest ones. You can see all of them on my new YouTube channel!

A few Zumba dances:

Marry Me – Yemi Alade

Go Crazy – Leslie Odom

Jump Jive and Wail – Brian Setzer Orchestra

How I Feel – Flo Rida

Safe Exercising – on-line videos
Just a few safe exercising tips if you have  using online videos. Sometimes famous presenters haven’t really done the right kind of training to say a workout is suitable for eg Seniors. Never do anything you are not comfortable or feel safe with.

Seated exercise to Reste – (feat. Sting) Maitre Gims

For those of you who haven’t already done it I have set up a private Do Fitness Facebook page so we can keep in touch and message each other.

Lots of love to everyone. Stay well.